Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch Anwar Ibrahim Youtube Video


Watch Anwar Ibrahim Youtube Video. Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is facing a case about sex with a prostitute in a hotel room. Anwar Ibrahim said his wife is not interested in order to watch the video. She has never been a fan of pornography, and she is a very good Muslim. She thinks it is an awful and sinful to watch a porn video. Anwar Ibrahim said this video is made by the master mind and behind this scene Prime minister Najib Tun Razak is involved. He said why the people are not arrested shown in the video background. He more says it shows the government is also involved in making of this video. Anwar denied that he is the man shown in the video. My wife and my daughter are with me. They are not going anywhere, and they are not turning their back to me. We want to remind you again this issue is happened when a video is uploaded on the youtube which shows a man is having sex with a girl, and it was supposed the man in the video is Anwar Ibrahim. The girl looks like a chinese girl. There are total three people shown in the video and at the end of the video, another man left the room, and the man looks like Anwar Ibrahim hug the girl who is wearing a towel. This all happened in a hotel room. Youtube deleted the video for violating the terms and conditions.


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