Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jackie Chan Is dead? or Alive? Know The Truth


I was shocked when I read a tweet on the Twitter that Jackie Chan has passed away. He is not alive anymore and the cause of his death is Heart Attack last night. After the heart attack, he had been taken to the hospital in Los Angeles. This is fake news and just a rumored spreading on the Facebook and twitter and other social media websites. Jackie Chan is not dead. He is alive and busy in promoting his brand new movie Kung Fu Panda 2. A fake report was shown and the reason for the heart attack was the heavy schedule of work in recent days on Jackie Chan. This pressure fails his heart, and he is dead. This reports, news and post on different websites are faked. There is no statement issued by the Jackie Chan family yet about his death, so we can take a long breath that he is alright. This is a new method to promote their newly set website with a rumor and spread the fake news around the world with the help of twitter and Facebook. Jackie Chan has taken part in more than 100 movies, and he has millions of fans around the world. He is a great entertainer and always introduce new ideas to solve the difficult cases and handle the different situations. He is a legend of the film industry.


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